Sambal Kriuk

With a unique texture, sambal kriuk will be the perfect companion for your meals. It is crispy and crunchy, dipped inside fresh sunflower oil to acquire a fine authentic taste. You can’t get enough!

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Red Drop Pepper

Sweet Salsa

The best dip sauce for Tortilla and corn chips, sweet salsa has a sweet and sour taste with ginger undertone. We have two variants: Green Peppers and Red Peppers which no doubt have special delicious flavors.

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Teman Makan Istimewa

Sambal Tabur

Your meal time will never be complete without sambal tabur Monsera. Made of 100% dried chilli and fresh selected spices, sambal tabur can be combined with many food, dry-base and even soup-base menus. It enhances the food taste and flavors.

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